Bovington Show 14-15 July 2018

Welcome to gamers for this year’s Bovington show.

Please book your camping,to guarantee your gaming tables!…/bovington-camping-pitches/

We have made some changes to the gaming booking: any gamer booking in as a trader’s game does not book on this form but it has to be included on the trader’s form. So please make sure that the trader you are supporting knows your details so they can book you in as their supporting game. We can only have one game or trader per club.

Club games are free, as this is what the hobby is all about, but this year we will give priority to gamers who are camping on site. Any number of campers with a display or participation game will be given a wristband which allows unlimited access into the museum over the weekend. We will guarantee any gamer that is booking camping will automatically be booked into the show. Please request a gamer form when you book your camping.

Please note: Gamers not choosing to camp may apply to book a game, but as we have limited space you will be notified if your application is successful. Please use Contact page to email if you are unable to camp.

The majority of the trade stands and the games will be spread throughout the museum and may include the new hall this year as we have lost the use of British Steel. We have limited space for gamers and photographs of the current display game would be appreciated a we like to keep to keep the quality high on the games that we display. As always, we will make sure that each each display and participation game receives some form of prize in the form of vouchers donated by our traders in recognition of the support of the hobby. Best of Show is normally in excess of £100.

We have to limit the size of games to a maximum of 14’ x 6’. We’ve still got to fit you in between the tanks. Please book in early and in the unfortunate case of your subsequently not being able to attend, please let us know; a failure may result in your not being invited the following year. The museum attracts a lot of public and for many this will be the first encounter with the hobby. They are paying to see a museum, and in effect the show is free: we should be able to improve their day, so be nice to them, spoil yourselves and speak to them, and we might even recruit an odd one. We as a group rate interaction with public gamers high on our list of desirable qualities.

The museum policy is no food and drink in the museum, but we don’t expect you to starve to death during your stint at the tables, so make sure if you have any it is not on display (especially the beer cans) as this encourages the general public to wander around eating. Once again we have control of the internal café in Tamiya Hall offering reasonably price rolls, drinks and chocolate bars.

As mentioned earlier, priority to clubs and gamers booking in will be given to those that camp on site. There is again basic camping on site and there will be portable shower and toilet blocks to make life more pleasant. The cost has been confirmed at £25 per pitch per night. After £25 million of refurbishment to the museum there are still no outside facilities. Information will be put on the website as it becomes available. Free parking within designated areas is available all weekend but we ask all traders and associated members not to park in the museum’s public car parks but in our designated car park; or remove your vehicles back to the grassed areas or where designated on the day. Filling up the museum’s car park with gamer and trader vehicles seriously p****s off the museum staff. We are no longer a “special event” so I have to work a lot closer to the museum. All facilities will be available from Friday night but the site must be clear by Monday morning.

Access to the museum, which is on a military site, will be available from 1800 hours to 2100 hours on Friday night to allow setting up, unless there is insufficient demand, in which case we may close earlier.. For those that arrive on Saturday morning access will be from 0800 hours to 1000 hours. The show is open 1000 hours to 1700 hours both Saturday and Sunday. As this show attracts a larger number of the general public than is normal at the average wargames event we cannot get you out until Sunday 1600 hours at the earliest, for security reasons. Wristbands must be worn at all times in the museum to allow uninhibited access through museum security over the weekend. Battlegroup South only maintain security at the doors from 8.00 until 10.00; after this access is only via the main entrance and the museum staff. If you don’t have a wristband you won’t be allowed back in, even if you have paid! Wristbands will be issued on the day of booking in at the museum (Battlegroup South Entrance). Free access may not be allowed to anyone who is not wearing a wristband. Anyone who is not wearing a wristband may be asked to pay on re-entering the museum by the museum door staff.

This show is very much a weekend event and not just a good day out with free parking all over the weekend. We award on average £1,000 worth of prize vouchers, redeemable on the Sunday with nominated traders and each game that attends will be awarded something, but this year it has been decided that if you don’t attend the prizegiving ceremony on Saturday night the vouchers will be awarded to where we see fit or auctioned off with the proceeds going to our chosen charity.

Breakfast (bacon and egg butties and the like) will be available on Saturday and Sunday morning, and on both Friday and Saturday night the bar is open with food and beer available from 1700 hours. Saturday night gives us a chance to relax with a party including food, bar and quiz night in the grounds of the museum. Traders and gamers can have a good relaxing evening together after a hard day at the stands. Please support this and don’t bring your own drink (alcohol not bought at the bar infringes the licensing laws). Your support of the party on the Saturday night helps to make the show viable. While the camping may appear expensive it must be remembered that the museum pulled out all their facilities on the refurbishment and this means we have to bring in showers and toilets for the whole weekend. This is very expensive, hence the costings We have endeavoured to keep the costings as low as possible as we still believe it should be a fun weekend.

May the weather be kind! It’s nice to keep in touch with all our friends. See you in July.


Please book your camping,to guarantee your gaming tables!…/bovington-camping-pitches/