Red Shirts

Battlegroup South are a group of friends who put on the best event in the wargamer’s calendar each July at The Tank Museum in Bovington, Dorset.  Who can join? Well nobody really, we don’t have a clubhouse or membership … we just wargame!

Richard Harris – Chief ‘Tank Commander’ and show organiser …usually has a very small tent with broken poles!

Shane Bartlett – Battlegroup South founder, judges the games and writer of our quiz.

Chris Newton – ‘Artilleryman’, chief defender of our hanger doors, make sure that you have a valid entry pass to the show!

Ian Butcher – RAF bloke’, very knowledgeable about horticulture, an extremely hard working member of our team .. will be seen doing everything, including helping Shane with the judging.

Brian Collins – ‘Royal Marine’, now taking a hard-earned rest … wait, maybe not. Brian runs the Bring and Buy, an essential element to our show. He is assisted by his wife Lyn and many others.

Chris Nelson – not seen for a while at our show, hopefully will return this year.  We miss you Chris!

Steve ‘Scouse’ Larkin – how many tables did he move about last year? He certainly puts a shift in!

Robert Newton –  ‘Royal Signals’ hopefully will be able to make the show this year. Helps out on the Bring and Buy, but wherever we somebody, he can be counted.

Malcolm Lane – web design and facebook ‘guru’, proud to wear the ‘red shirt’. Works closely with Richard before the show, can be seen driving all over the camp site booking people in!

Will Craig – web developer and camp site security …’Where there’s a Will, there’s a Website’.

Mike ‘Mini Garry’ Emery – Barbeque man and table shifter. Makes decent scenery too!

Carolyn Bagley – Richard’s soul mate, in charge of the ‘Tea Urn’

The list above is far from exhaustive, just a few key members of Battlegroup South. (my apologies if I have missed someone out – Malcolm)