Gamers 2016


Gamers confirmed so far include:

Aylesbury Wargames Group
Deal Wargames Society
East to Eest Wargamers
Deeprose Bros
Farnborough Wargames Society
Hastings and St Leonards
Huntingdon and District
Last Chance Games
Leicester Phat Cats
Mudeford Wargames Club
Nige and Lib
Purbeck Brotherhood
Solent Wargames Club
South Somerset Wargames Club
Sussex Massif
Wessex Wyverns

There are about 8 additional trader games …

If you have a trader demo game you MAY not be included in the list above, if you are not a trader and think you have booked in a game, then you need to contact Richard. Please note, we do not send out email or postal confirmations, and never have done. Remember our motto,

“Battlegroup South don’t do serious” smile emoticon